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Sunday, June 14, 2015

Tamir RICE? But, that would be a zombie telling on the vampires!

Of course, it could all be "nuclear peptides..." Tsunamis. The LL thing from "Detective Comics" is indeed just a Hell reference.

Nothing is going on that is real, a bit in advance. Here comes Fukushima some more. The 86 thing was indeed Chernobyl, which was burnt out somewhat by the time it got here. I think it went back all the way into the past, which explains leering Indian blue weirdos. And of course, the LOVELY THREE MILE ISLAND IS NOW EVERYWHERE.

Let's see, who is responsible for all that? Blonde monkeys from New Zealand. Who mated with something in Australia, maybe something rather aboriginal and exotic and new, kind of like strange fruit from New Zealand. Then, the new beings migrated to Africa through swimming. Lots of running back and forth later...billiard balls, I'm dead and in Hell.

When does Satan start beating me? He's already beaten me to death internally.

OK, so the idea is this is all vengeance for...the fact I'm already Dead and in Hell. No, I'm not. I'm dying and would have been in Heaven, if I'd been born rich in the year 1267 in New Zealand, except for the blonde monkeys. Hey, did you ever try anything? No, you went ALONG with everything. So, you're from Africa, and only part Blonde Monkey.

Tamir Rice report: witnesses contradict officer as usual, giving several separate reports. Gee, do you have a feeling this has like happened before? Gosh, I sure do! This is, like, SO belated, you know, cuz now you're not Evil Incarnate. Instead, you're dying of radiation poisoning! HOPEFULLY, SOMEBODY ELSE, ANYBODY ELSE, ANYWHERE ELSE!


Of course, you all already all left Seattle for Issaquah, right? And I don't. I was heading for Edmonds, but of course the money doesn't come through except for the usual installment payments. Did you ever wonder why you're an animal that is a nigger that is a man? Just in time, you suddenly become your own skin, like you always were.

Hey, there is no avoiding that!

As long as you're in tropical paradise: You ARE going to the "other place."

First, you go to Hell, then you go to Heaven, Kemo Sabe's. No, well, maybe you finally get to be spooks, so you must already be them. Yes, I'm dead and in Hell, I just don't know it yet. Then, I have to die to leave Hell. But, since Hell is the only place, I don't get to leave. But, you don't get a response from me, thus Call and Response. then know I'm dead.

Hey, what if I died in advance because you're reading this and I'm already gone? Then I'm feeling strong. And I sing this empty song. Cuz I'm already gone. My daughter was born already gone, cuz she's German and Filipino, and now she's burning pieces of paper

At Nate, I think. She's beautiful, available, nearly 21, and not for sale. I don't know where she is, and I do things like this blog. My not knowing where she is is the best idea I ever had!

Because she was born dead and in Hell. Case closed. Case still open.

He was wearing a bullet-proof vest. He knew they were going to shoot him in the head. That's why he looks so smug. They blew his "little" brains out, okay? AT LAST, THE NECK FASCINATION ISN'T OVER WITH YET, OH VAMPIRES!!!! Hey, was that short pork or what? Maybe it's the short form or the long form, long pig or short pig. IT'S BECAUSE YOU USED TO BE CANNIBALS!!!!!

Meanwhile, "we" only killed our grandpas and replaced them with their sons, or grandsons, or...oh no, here comes Blondie!

Obsession: dying the other guy's death for him. Incapacity: attaining the complete orgasm and also the Next Life. Case closed: SOMEBODY HAS TO PAY AND PAY AND PAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I might as well have said, "Here comes Bambi."

Why? You're supposed to want to be the other guy. Or gal. Or whoever it is. The mythological one, the one who can beat everybody up: thus, Superman and Batman. In other words, Hitler and Hess. Well, the SS did work out to be its very own Hell reference. That was way the Hell back in the 1940s, so this place has always been Hell.

"Thanks, but I should drink that now, it's time for some more."

One group of people, it's individual, it's of forever. all will have to face death individually, except thanks to something or other called Obverse Reality since 1942 GOING IN BOTH DIRECTIONS TIMEWISE you will have to stay here. Doing what, I dunno. Maybe running around eating tons of human flesh, because you used to be cannibals....ohhhhhhhhhh...that's what she meant by the only escape is by having White Skin.

I got offered that once, phony offer. Karen "False Hope" Cole. 'Member Bob Hope? No?

Life is Hell, and there is only one way out of Hell. By leaving it behind. So, I'm going nowhere, taking this place with me, and entering Mother Night again. But just before it happens, I'm not going to be a Happy Camper. In fact, I'm going to be frozen in the middle of Global Warming. It's going to be kind of cold, I think, so I'm enjoying my heater right now.

If you come here, I have two nice Samurai swords. Neither one of them is sharp, honest. They both are made out of rubber, and they are right in position in the immediate entryway. So if you need to take vengeance for your kind, Frederica Flintstone, do drop on by! Because I'm NOT the KKK, I've been labelled that for your closed, world over with. You now own the Universe I guess, because you're NOT a blonde monkey.

Welcome to NOT running for President.


Well, maybe Pittsburgh? Where you need to run to next? Ebola. Well, it sounded African anyway. I guess it's over with. Well, the nuclear thing cannot "blow over" so I was right the first time.

Read: "The Origin of Species" by Charles Darwin. Yes, Germany has already given up trying.


Oops, Karen is the only person here indeed. That's right, it never made any sense that an interracial marriage wouldn't Personally "COME OFF." So, there it is. Mine should have, everything else is just an excuse, and if other people live for me I'm dead and in Hell. So the neck fixation thing was just my neck, which is broken, twisted, deformed and otherwise no good.

Meanwhile, there is no such thing AS Tamir Rice.

Hubbie fixed me brown rice that is "my kind," white rice. So.........I think that tactic does NOT work this time, "people" for whom I'm not supposed to be jealous or whatever...I think I know why now...I suffer first, skin peels back, sores burst open, I'm finally screaming my lungs out, throat ripping out, and you all are for some reason thinking it doesn't happen to you.

You're right: I won't be there to experience it. That's why THEY know not what they do. Because they weren't there to experience it. Well, just before I wink out, poof like a a fairy, lots, if you're reading this, and I doubt you are, really, it's not Basketball apparently...something to do with an expanded stomach, sigh. Yes, that's why women gain weight. Men just imitate them. So the imitation afterlife is indeed just a reflection of pregnancy, childbirth, the same.

So...go out and eat, everybody, being evil solves nothing. You don't get to die the other dude or dudette or whatever's death for them, so that attempt to do so is getting REALLY pathetic. I would suggest going home to Africa, through swimming. You won't drown.

Here's why: the entire Atlantic Ocean is made out of Starbuck's decaf coffee.

It's too bitter, you wouldn't believe it, you just don't drown in it. You can't even gag it down.

Related: Tamir Rice: judge finds cause for murder charge over police killing of 12-year-old

An Ohio prosecutor released a comprehensive account of the investigation into the death of Tamir Rice on Saturday, including witness reports that contradict a police officer’s claim that he shouted a warning before shooting and killing the 12-year-old boy last November.

Tamir was shot as he played in a Cleveland park, after police responded to a 911 call reporting a male with a firearm. He was playing with a toy plastic gun. The death and a delay in its investigation sparked public outrage and protests.

On Thursday, Cleveland municipal court judge Ronald Adrine said he found probable cause to bring a murder charge against the officer who fired the fatal shot, Timothy Loehmann. Adrine’s ruling, which prosecutors will consider, followed a request to look into the case by a group known as the Cleveland 8, a number of clergymen and local activists who support the Rice family.

In releasing a redacted 224-page account of the investigation by the Cuyahoga County sheriff’s department on Saturday, prosecutor Timothy McGinty said his intention was to be transparent.

“Transparency is essential for an intelligent discussion of the important issues raised by this case,” he said.

“If we wait years for all litigation to be completed before the citizens are allowed to know what actually happened, we will have squandered our best opportunity to institute needed changes in use-of-force policy, police training and leadership.”

The report made no conclusion as to whether the killing was justified, following a statement issued by McGinty on Thursday that a grand jury would ultimately decide whether criminal charges would be brought.

“As unbiased collectors of fact, the investigative team has not, and will not, render any opinion of the legality of the officers’ actions,” the report states.

Loehmann, 26, told investigators that when he arrived at the park and confronted Tamir, he told him several times to put his hands in the air, but the boy instead reached into his waistband and produced what turned out to be a toy gun.

© AP Photo/Mark Duncan This still image taken from a surveillance video played at a news conference held by Cleveland Police, Nov. 26, 2014, shows Cleveland police officers arriving at Cudell Park on a report of a man with a gun.

“He gave me no choice, he reached for the gun and there was nothing I could do,” Loehmann said in his incident report.

Other officers at the scene reported that they thought the boy was aged about 20 and that they believed the gun was real.

Originally, the kid was 12 and the gun was a toy gun. Now, the kid lying to one side is supposed to be on a bed of rice.

Go eat out, this is getting monotonous.

None of the witnesses whose accounts appear in the report, however, say they heard Loehmann or any other officer shout a warning to Rice, leaving detectives to conclude that “it is unclear whether Officer Loehmann issued verbal commands”.

A 31-year-old woman, whose name was redacted from the report, told investigators she heard someone shout “Freeze! Show me your hands”, but only after she heard two gunshots. She said she heard a third shot after the shouting.

A 15-year-old boy who knew Tamir said he heard two shots close together and a third a short while later.

Detectives heard from another friend who said he gave the boy the toy gun, which fired small plastic pellets, days before the incident. The friend said he had taken the gun apart and was unable to reattach the highly visible orange cap that would have immediately indicated the gun was not real.

Meanwhile, an FBI agent who was on duty at a separate incident nearby told how he gave Tamir first aid within four minutes of the shooting. The agent said Loehmann and an officer with him seemed to freeze.

“They wanted to do something, but they didn’t know what to do,” the agent told investigators. Tamir died in hospital the next day.

Loehmann declined to be interviewed by the investigators, as did his training partner, Frank Garmback, 47, who was also present at the scene. The grand jury will determine if charges will be brought against him.

Members of the Rice family similarly decided not to be interviewed. Walter Madison, the family’s attorney, could not be reached on Saturday for comment but issued a statement welcoming the report’s release.

“I appreciate the recent work of the Cleveland 8 and all others in this city in their tireless efforts to move the wheels of justice,” he said.

“The Honorable Judge Ronald Adrine swiftly and decisively found probable cause for murder and other homicide offenses. Within 36 hours we now have a public release of the county sheriff’s investigation. Let’s continue this fight for equal justice for all, it is working.”

Steven Loomis, president of the police union representing Loehmann, said he did not agree with the decision to publish the report. McGinty, however, said it was the right thing to do.

“The death of a citizen resulting from the use of deadly force by the police is different from all other cases and deserves a high level of public scrutiny,” he said.

“These cases involve officers [and] public employees whose decision to take a fellow citizen’s life must be evaluated to determine, by law, whether the police officer’s action was reasonable under the circumstances and therefore justifiable.”

You're right; I'm at WKRP in Cincinnati. I'm Loni Anderson. Well, two can play at that game: Loni Anderson doesn't exist. She's a figment of my imagination. So...since that was going to happen anyway...YOU'RE all figments of my imagination. And this has been so since at least the 1960s.

Case open, but what for?


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