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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Dr. King and Malcolm X - MArty and MAlcolm from the beginning.

Mama. Is Mankind now an attempt to replace Womankind with It?

If so, I think the worms etc. are really gonna win. Maybe there is NO such thing as "genetic gayness," for example, only attempts to make money off it in the name of medical science. Why in the world, two Black men, so different, and they just happened to meet...some white male WASP writers seemed to spot the phenomena I'm talking about the most. No, they are not the "bigot enemy," some of them are sometimes, or can be interpreted or misinterpreted that way, may be attacking something or defending something. All has been discussed before, feels like to me, along those lines.

MArtin though

What an odd coincidence. I hate weird coincidences. One of them was shot dead in the back, in front of his motel room's door, at the Lorraine Motel in Tennessee. The other one was shot in the front, after having been stabbed in the chest (they both were, one by one Black woman, the other one by a group of four Black men). Like weird bookends. The Mama team, sort of like the Obama team. I have indeed been wondering about that for years...perhaps we all cry out "Mama!" when Russia just sneaks up on the USA and happens to invade us.

While we're distracted by Black Muslims, instead of the wonderful Rainbow Colored MUSLIMS that Russians are. Or, possibly, have been planning on for some time, to "take vengeance" for somebody else's problems in life. For example, say, Black people? Who turn to socilism and communism then, too, in their Hour of Need? If there even IS such an Hour of Need? Who can tell? Not me, folks. Meanwhile, check out the Kremlin:

Mama there, the replacement Womankind, wasn't in a great position politically. According to the Name Game, even when he's President of the United States. Well, he's just one man, they were just two men, Martin and Malcolm...sounds planned sometimes, but by what I don't know. By God? Some would argue this. By womankind, to get them to do our dirty work? I have argued this from time to time, without knowing it, and blindly. As a kind of Wonder Woman, but I don't really think I am one. We do most of the dirty work, thus the glory hounds called men.'s been dirty work all my life anyway. Woody Allen does look like a girl to me, from what I've been facing down throughout my life. If a man is well off, he's safer that way, and like North Korea's Kim (such a name, so simple and yet so short) he will run away and leave his own wife and children to "face the music." And of course, Kim is barely worth listening to, maybe not at all, just a geek who likes to visit places and terrorize people...the Czar of Russia, in other words.

So "MaMa" or that replacement Mama might not be a blessing in disguise. I miss my OWN Momma, and maybe the farm life we left behind, so long ago, to enter the Big City. I miss it my own way, an imaginary one, for I was never really raised on a farm. My Mom and Dad were, each in their individual own way. You know, something has always confused me about that; groupie woupie syndrome. Like comedian Eddie Murphy (I too an a victim of severe child abuse, much of it probably brought on by me - of course, not exactly at first, but i was sure born on ether, cigarettes, and the polluted American highway system, waterways, etc. God only knows, Martians?) I miss my Momma, and I dunno, calling out to her seems like an idiotic idea.

It is only the same old Cold War all over again. Russia sits there, and does very little but sneak up on us through Alaska, which was so expected the US put men there (and a female support network, which ALWAYS is one, one way or another...why "they" seem like butch bull daggers) and stopped them recently from landing a large Russian Black Ops style helicopter there. Well! Of all the nerve. I just don't get to do anything in this life. I just wanted to get the fellas the coffee. Then, I got told something about "my kind" some more. I'm not a ginger, I'm not even a redhead with freckles. I used to have glasses, am still overweight, I dunno. Lately, I feel like another person in this world. I feel like I'm crawling with trichina worms. Well, I'm going to arrange a colonscopy, as I understand those over 50 are supposed to have at least one of those per lifetime. 

Fortunately, medical procedures are all designed nowadays to GUARD people against a worms infestation. People's attitudes (and it does come from other people, but seems there is a third party involvement now, don't know why...and maybe, a fourth one even). Well, I'm not fond of violence myself, but I have nobody whatsoever at my back is part of the reason why. Also, it's a moot point whether or not I ever "had anything" along the lines of being able to beat somebody else up, or be violent in any way...all along, I've been alone in this world. And I knew that from the first, though being in denial of it is a thing I've been in all my life. Because I DON'T want to think the whole world outside of me is ONE UNITED FORCE AGAINST ME. Instead, I would LIKE to think, as a writer and a woman (with the usual sexual "preference"...I've decided everyone else has the same one as me, namely sexual desires combined with heterosexuality)...because I talked to enough gay people to determine it was always sociological and NEVER genetic, okay?

So, I'm straight. After having gotten wishy washy about that, due to being ALONE too much. I'm sorry, but I'm not queer; I'm very sucked up physically, which gives me a very distended (sometimes) left arm, and other such physical matters. And I have problems with other things I'm not going to do into too deeply. Yet, I'm decent at keeping track of things. Not completely. You know what my greatest worry is, and I'm sure Death with take care of it? That the Hell concept is based on certain people like me, and I don't mean the ones who are the Murderer or Murderers. Or those who are idiotic enough to think that because they have political power...Oh, I'll stop there. But at any rate, there ARE no such things as queers, is what I was rolling around to. We are John Tyler's impeople, in other words, the Disabled. So the so-called Queers would have to be able-bodies, able-minded people who are too alone in the world for some reason...that would be absolutely EVERYBODY. Everyone who is still alive, that is, except for those who are not. The Dead, in other words.

Lately, it's been telling me that only The White Man ever gets to die. Well, that should make me panic a bit less, except that what it's telling me is that I'm now in Eternal Hell, was born into it back there somewhere...somewhere back there, the Black Man registered a complaint with me about feeling emasculated, and then he successfully managed to blame the White Woman for all of this major problems in life. Well, like the Jews said (whoever the Hell they were, gulp, really, maybe just somewhat wise sorts in the Past with a healthy sense of humor), the Black Man is thus a schlemial, in other words someone who only thinks they know what he or she or they or we (indeed!) are doing. Well, that sure explains the Mama and Obama references. Even if that was planned, why would something think now, at the Last Minute, during a freakish Five Minutes to Midnight reference (I think Obama is African, himself and has capabilities far beyond mine, well, life is unfair, but I manage to wonder about mine sometimes (what is the world Selfish about, exactly? The other guy or gal, every time I'm afraid). Boy, was that a run-on sentence, hoo Girl.

Who, Girl? What I'm afraid of from me and Black Ladies. That lovely reference to feminism. Well, life being complicated, it has its little exigencies. I am of the humble opinion that if Midnight there is incredibly far off, like centuries from now due to the extreme cowardice of Men, we might as well put in a woman (namely, too racially pure looking for words, the imposter with dyed Black Hair who has to be me as a kind of female, Black Haired Hitler...Obama, Malcolm, Dr. King, if I believed you for once...but you're all tall people, too, you know. Sigh. The only one of you who ever gave a damn about me was Malcolm X, and you know what that means. Nothing "romantic" I'm sure, in any way, shape or form: I went looking for a forest fire in the Seattle area once, they don't tend to have to equipment in the places in the region, like John Tyler said once, mere inches (or in any case, mere nanometers, such a small distance) and the fire department wasn't there. So as a shlemozzle, maybe I did manage to do the impossible, and became a female Tarzan swinging through the trees.

So many military references that night. Proves the military throughout history can go anywhere. Anywhere at all, even the Moon. Well, the human race is an ant farm, namely that "military" but something or someone or somebodies sure got "militant" back there somewhere. According to Mahatma Mohandas K. Ghandi (we oldsters now, but he's ancient next to me) those who do so are also the military they wrote home about...thus, Indian Independence from becoming a killing, colonialization obsessed killing machine. And following, the Civil Rights Movement in America, which flooded the streets somehow, in an obscure manner. While legislation was in process of being passed, along with the FBI infiltrating the KKK...dunno. Makes me wonder if Indian Independence and Mr. Ghandi looked good in public, were run by Men a lot, and all seemed well. So all was elected and put through, after the British had no further plans to colonize anywhere. Maybe they did, maybe they didn't, but talking them out of it makes more sense than committing suicide at them.

Maybe due to the CRM and their actions, I'm dying...nah. Something wants me to think so, though. I ran into an accidental trichina worm infestation, 20 days worth of a concentrated type of it, Mystery Meat. I was forced to eat it, because I was the person they were monitoring the most...I don't know why, I've never been "dangerous" but gee I'm the actually Racially Impure person, who of course never counted. So I'm supposed to vote for my replacement, secretly "racially impure" because she's not really a blonde Hillary Clinton. Yes, it's "us" not them. Well, "us" including Danny Bonaduchi spoke up, stating that I'm not alone in that "sinking feeling" we are getting ripped off right and left in this life by everybody who's claiming to have our problem. Namely, that we're not racially "good lookin'" enough. Yes, I'm getting slammed with that right and left, by Nature Itself and not Mankind, except that as they are part of nature, they are stuck along for the "joy ride" of my own witless persecution. So, along the way, I get "Mama" the fake, and "Obama" the nipple name. Well, his name is Remigio, actually, and it's the dude I married who gave me a kid, my daughter Angela, who for some Unknown Reason is still alive and well, like Farid.

Maybe, she's a very Sturdy person and not what she looks like, a lot like Malcolm X, who looked like a little white-ass wimp goofball until he grew up. But, since my problem is "unimportant" apparently, nature is shuffling me off to Buffalo on purpose and taking the whole world along with me for the ride. I'm becoming pretty convinced I haven't been experiencing the actual world, and due to medical experiments happening (that used to be, could have been, or never could have been Real People) well, if people now think they are all alike...they are all in a coma in a hospital, with half their brains removed, drooling out of one side of "their" faces. Like a vegetable instead of an animal, so to speak, but you know, Army ants. They too don't manage to have a sentient life along those lines, or so people think...I don't know, I suppose calling animals plants is not an appropriate way to go. Might as well call them what they really are? People with no lives. Like John Tyler said, once again, it's no fun when people with lives keep insisting they don't have any, at someone who barely has one. I'm in that same boat, but in my case, I keep having to listen to them blame me for theirs.

"You're so unimportant, we named Racial Cleansing after you," is the message I'm getting. Seems Blacks feel so unimportant, they were already there doing that and need somehow to be us, we white people with the racial impurity problems...maybe they won't quite replace us. Instead, "their kind" will get listened to, which it has been all along because they are always seen as Black, even all I'm getting is their insistence that I'm the world's worst bigot and other names for nigger...I am beginning to deeply suspect something. I really DON'T look good, all racially impure etc. like this. Well, I said I'd take what I could get in life, but apparently the God of racially pure whites, all blacks and all browns...oh, it's how i describe you now. Maybe the worms are a good thing.

Because they will take me away from all of you Gang Rapists. Including this computer. Because all your Feminism will do for is what it's already done, make you all into phony men, with phony morality, and phony lives. It's what I've really been "being told" all along.


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