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Tuesday, April 28, 2015


Oxymoron: a word that is a phrase meaning, self-invalidation. Oxygen. Moron.

THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A PEACEFUL PROTEST. THEY ONLY KILL PEOPLE. Or do they, is anyone meeting up during these? Maybe it's best to stay out of them completely. They are not drafting anyone, and nobody maybe is being paid...or are be in them? What if someone snuck off during the protest, to a coffee is, gang, quit it. Go home, or go out with friends or one special friend, and try for that love for life that matters. Children may be involved. But you know, you wonder if you can afford them...where did our guts go?

By Karen Cole, the so-called racist who wonders where sexism went. The chant, we are not racist if we support lazy, disabled or otherwise paid off blacks...but only dude ones...I dunno, I don't feel so racist. I don't feel like a "dude." And those protestors all look like they have jobs. It must be a thrill kill, meaningless, or somebody like Saudi Arabia is backing this. Israel? Obama? Black takeover types? Anybody and everyone, what did Emma Goldman call it...anarchy.

It looked like things were fine in peaceful protests, nothing much happening from time to time in the 1980s, but you know, there was always someone in the crowd who wanted to go "do something." It's too easy, and now it's burning down major buildings. Is that the end result of a kind of Global Warming in advance? Maybe, maybe not. It could be pleasant under global warming, which should take centuries and not just years. Even the cold moss is burning off the trees around here. The sky is still blue, in spite of all the auto exhaust and the cement plant that pumps something like cement dust or chemical residues into the air, on and off and on and off.

It is not the sixties or the 1960s. It is in fact, April of 2015. Maybe the fact I have more than one way to put that in writing is why things go wrong, lack of communication? Simon Lewenberg would say it's because there are two types of people in the world, the evil ones and the good ones. The good ones want to peacefully protest a simple act they heard about, which could have been staged for the cameras. But they want more than that. They want to meet each other, take each other out for coffee, and have children eventually. They don't always know that yet. So the penis that is violence soon magically appears, due to someone feeling something weirder than an urge to ask someone out. In a society where nobody knows what to do, including anything about marriage, childbirth, anything like that...young people. They don't know if they are straight, gay, or swingers.

Demonizing what I said up there is tantamount to suicide for the human race. Meanwhile, peaceful protest leads to the same place that amassing large scale weaponry did under Harold Washington, Black mayor of a large city back there somewhere. I think it was Detroit. I can't remember. Anyway, it was a case of dozens of Black and other people gathering up weapons and getting ready to take a stand and burn down buildings, so Mayor Washington ordered out the National Guard and bombed their buildings, killing the not so peaceful protestors. This of course was disputed, which I believe led to the resignation of Mayor Washington. He was Black. Very Black indeed.

Anyway, such is politics. President Obama has to order drone strikes to try to keep the damage down, because we have dirty bombs and A Bombs and even god helps nobody, Hydrogen bombs. Not to mention neutron bombs, which kill people and leave the buildings intact. Well, maybe it's time at last to go ahead and use the neutron bombs. They are newer and more likely to at least go off. I don't know. The only other method I can think of to keep "Ferguson" or whatever happened before it (I'm sure there was something, there always is) would be to consider the situation.

Now it's always where if there is a so-called "peaceful protest" there is an attempt to burn down the city and the local forests where the city is there is no such thing as the peaceful protest, it is an oxymoron. Yes, there never has been such a thing as a peaceful protest. Possibly, ever in human history. It's always been violence that led to more violence. We hear the phrase peaceful protest now, and we think it means Jesus Christ will save us all. I guess that's it, then. We forget it was Julius Caesar tricking our minds, and we argue against this simple factoid. about dropping the chemicals used to fight forest fires on the rather lying peaceful protestors, who are all looking to die quickly at the hands of gun-wielding police or military or whoever it is who's showing up to handle the large, anonymous, impossible to catch at it as usual "fearless" crowds and give them slow-acting cancers? So they can really have a fun time in the hospital system, dealing with other oxymorons such as the phrase Mental Hospital?

Chemicals lead to other chemicals. They can only put you in one of two places, the regular old hospital where you lie down most of the time, and get up a little, or the mental hospital where you can walk around a lot and go back to your bed now and then. That's about it for the options, until you hit the hospice care part or a nursing home of some kind, or manage to die in your home with someone nice you either hired or someone in your family managing to take care of you as you die. If you don't have programs covering you to handle these things, it could lead to being kicked out of your home and then they won't let you live in tent cities outside.

Given everything, I wonder if the best way is to stay out of all such situations. It would seem to be a bit difficult, but I think working for a living is about the best you can get. Unless you're so rich you are working for someone else's living. That does seem to be about the size of it.

Well, problem with THE ONE BIG CHEMICAL DUMP is it leaves them alive and needing a LOT of expensive medical care. How about along comes Obamacare? The current chemicals they are using to combat fires which are mostly forest fires at this point in time, are not as cancer causative as they used to be. In short, they cause longer term slower acting cancers instead of more immediate damage. So, why not give a bunch of people who think they are oh so moral, in a world where they all single out bullying victims, are ruthlessly competitive, and treat sexual victims like excrement anyway, including their own mothers and fathers who wonder why they are not working for a living or studying at school or somehow finding a way, maybe by begging on the street at least...why not dump the chemicals on those firebugs who act like they are oh so innocent and now know that their so-called peaceful protests will always and forever lead to more fires that must of necessity lead to major forest fires eventually?

Why not dump the chemicals as prematurely as the protesters are acting themselves?

Large scale chemicals dumped all over the streets. Difficult to clean up. Rain will wash it away over time, in large amounts. As long as things are rather damp, chilly, and somehow wet moist conditions, it is possible that large scale chemical dumping could work, but it would be an attempt not at a temporary stopgap measure, but a wall. Against more such peaceful protesting. It would be a single attempt, with a threat of future actions along those lines, to stop the peaceful protesting that doesn't exist except in the imagination of idealists who keep insisting they have a personal afterlife other than their own children or at least someone else's. would take violence to get those people's attention, the violence of dumping chemicals that have been shown to cause long-term cancers, letting those chemicals leach into the general environment over many long years, sort of like a Gasworks Park in the Seattle area that is supposedly still doing so...sort of like Three Mile Island, which is also doing something along those lines, slowly leaching out nuclear waste and radiation into the outer environment.

I've been to those places, and somehow Rasputin here is still able to type into this glorified typewriter that is an awesome personal computer attached to the Internet. Maybe there's Hope. Until you die, mistakenly or otherwise, there is always Hope. That is the thing with wings, but if all of its feathers are burned off, will it be able to fly? It has a left wing and a right wing, whichever comes first, but it's a chicken and an egg too. In order for that bird to fly, it needs full participation of something...but does it need someone like me at all? I am a learning disabled genius, so are we all.

I think I did something that helped the world long ago. Due to the missionary position, really the only major way to get pregnant, it keeps demanding my resignation from the human race. I am woman, hear me snore, in numbers too few to ignore...just me. What I did I did alone. But it is suspicious, I liked about things at the time, because I knew nobody would believe my "incredible" story. I heard from the word "not credible" and thought they were right...thus, I didn't tell people I was a hero and not a villain, a savior and not a subhuman monster. There is no formal record of what I did, and any such other records only show that I was injured doing something I wanted to do.

I can't buy that it's so much about me personally, because of that phrase I didn't coin, the personal is political. By another woman, possibly Gloria Steinem, or someone else. Yet so much of it has been personal, but that should be true of each individual on the face of the planet, every goat, hog, or chicken, every man, cat, dog or tree.

I am feeling pretty hopeless at this point in time, I feel rather like I'm just thrashing here, trying to solve a problem. I think it is a kind of violence to believe that you can go back and just live in the Sixties, when it is actually the year 2015, and then insist that what you are doing is "peaceful protesting" when you know for an ABSOLUTE FACT that where it is going to lead is burned down buildings, a burned down town, and burned up people in the buildings. Those people are the original and REAL "peaceful protesters," but only because, like Harlan Ellison once said in a book about the ACTUAL (but now I have to wonder, were they?) Sixties, or Fifties and Sixties, or whatever they were....only because the people on fire or dying of smoke inhalation in those buildings are screaming. Unheard from. They have no mouths and they must scream. For life. Everyone thinks they are brave enough to be them; everyone finds out they are not.

They are peaceful because they cannot be heard. Their mouths are closed, and they must scream. They are now burn victims, if they survive those conditions. Peaceful protests lead to their either dying in those building or having to survive as severe lifelong burn victims. Those people are now in Hell, and the only thing that can really help them is medical treatment and burn ointments and pain medications, which are pretty much all addictive and bad for you. In the short and the long run, making a bunch of dead burn victims and people in a kind of eternal (fortunately, not, with luck anyway) Hell...peaceful protestors. I bet they are mostly young people.

So like a "friend" of mine once said, a Lover in fact, to me, a young man..."it's getting worse, not better. You thought there was Evolution. You're right Karen; there is also Devolution." Mixing the races leads to people like me who have no real lives, who are forced to be racist somewhat due to our noticing our own skin patterns are not accepted, beautiful, likable or anything but confusing, and may still even cause forms of cancer. Racial impurity, the real kind, not the phony all white black haired kind. Or whatever. Was that even phony? Who knows?

Such a digression. Racial purity is a "looks" issue, but it turned out to matter. Anyway, as things get worse, I hope I can cease to daydream that they only get worse for fools like me, or just me. I am dying in many ways, being in my 50s, but having very little use in my own family lately, I have to wonder what to do. I could only get so far from being Wendy, fresh meat, the thing advertising as a wendigo from a hamburger joint. She has green eyes, I have brown ones. A wendigo is a Native American cannibal, who eats the fresh meat that is long pork, or human meat. I don't. I eat pork, beef, chicken, but is that can be, if you consider the varieties of problems. And recently, on a mental ward in a hospital, staying there to adjust my meds and feel better, I was introduced to mystery meat that may have been formerly people from North Korea....long pork instead of short port, or simple hog meat. It was probably meat from a flooded out WA local farm.

Now I have worms, looks like trichinosis, also threadworms, also whatever. One of what came out of my bladder looked like a giant grub, so it may have been a hookworm. It sat, greedy and fat, bobbing up and down in the water, like a giant white round thing lording it over me. I've been reassured that I could last for years now, but I could be contagious. It can go out through my breathing, through my nose and mouth, and my anus. I am washing, taking care of myself, wearing enough clothing and keeping to myself enough to keep down any such contagion. Worms come from overcrowded conditions and cheap food at cheap hospitals. I went to the public mental ward because that's what my Medicare and supplemental insurance covered. It seemed good enough at the time. McDonald's can give you trichinosis, it doesn't take much. So I'm fine, but saddened.

And I am puzzling, but it is a useless act, because the authorities will be forced to move soon. Forest fires are now being piled upon forest fires. Because sooner or later has to happen, where a city that blue blazes away, red really, but that was some hinting around I think...will have to catch a major forest or three on fire sooner or later. Almost happened in Seattle 30 years ago, could happen anywhere else. Western WA, the peninsula, Central WA, and Eastern WA as well as southern WA all had major forest fires last year, due to lightning strikes. We are a doomed area is probable unless moist conditions keep up, stopping lovely "peaceful protestors" from being able to set more than minor house fires that don't spread. Maybe given enough moist conditions, even lightning strikes won't cause too many major forest fires in our area this year. But then again, there will be quite a few.

Do you suppose, if the authorities don't have the so-called "balls" to actually do something major, such as dump those fire retardant chemicals on the protestors themselves, because they keep setting fires and so they are all just ARSONISTS in disguise as peaceful protesters, and their etc. the anonymous alone and together types in the crowd who can get away every time with sneaking in and performing the easy, simple act of burning down a car, leading over immediately to a building...all you have to do is burn up a car, it only takes the gasoline in the car to set it on fire, a Molotov cocktail does the trick...then the fires spread right over to the nearby building.

We just don't know or control fires, especially under rapidly changing conditions. The darned thing does almost anything it wants, and there are NO "good guys" who can control it. The bad guys don't either, it just goes places. It can follow electrical wires, creosote on phone poles (I guess thank the human race, not God so much, for cell phone towers), lines of dirt, grass piles, dead wood in a yard, anything. It can even go straight up like a tube of lipstick, branch out up top like a stick of broccoli, and spread out like a hairdo from the top (I kid you not, we started and fought a fire like that once in the YACC and I strolled over to it, held my hand up next to it and nothing happened. The thing was sitting up there like it was a nuclear peptide or something and just did its own weird ideas. Like it was entertaining me, telling me what a GOOD TIME it could give a dummy like me?

Anyone can do that if there are enough distractions. The "peaceful" media is one. So are the "peaceful" protesters, on and on and on. It's what the Native Americans or Indians told me about; half of them act real nice and then the other half move in for the kill. Every single solitary time. There never were any such peaceful protests of the 1960s.

Well...since it's easy to bend the minds of the innocent and ignorant children...then you get Ferguson, before Ferguson, and after Ferguson. I believe it will continue until either the government does something super violent, like dumping chemicals safely from above via helicopter and airplane, even further up, all over the wonderful burning, say, Chicago or whatever, or New York City, but in the end, if anything that large starts to catch on fire, it's probably a Greenhouse Gas, Global Warming kind of thing anyway. So gee, I think they would be tempted just to let it go. Hopefully whatever happens will always be so small scale, the media simply is great at making it look like the biggest thing since sliced bread, but in reality the fires will remain small.

However...I studied fire in Ohio, and it's a chemical reaction that ignites through the ever-present presence of Oxygen. Which is everywhere, as we're stuck breathing it. We need it more than anything else in our entire bodies to survive shows you how important the oxygen in the air is. So important that it causes rust...there is a book out about the history of rust that is selling millions of copies. It is oxygen that causes rust in iron, not quite the other way around. Oxygen is the active male principle, iron is the passive female principal. Oxygen eats away the incredibly solid iron in mere months, sometimes weeks. Days, even, sometimes, when exposed to moisture.

What I'm driving at is fire is not something the fire department can control very easily. So the authorities are stupid fools, which they might be by now, if they don't move on the internal nonsense that is going on. It is chaotic, fire, so if it is used as the tool of the masses who must express their ability to get away with things when they had other options and could have dealt with them some other way, but they all gave into the temptation of Power that is an anonymous Jack the Ripper kind of power, where they hide behind other names and does not lead to families at that. Maybe at least such people will simply die out this time. Maybe I am right; evolution could win. Those who do not participate in such Kristallnacht stuff might manage to find a way.

You see, Dr. King did mention his Hitler influence. Peaceful protest lead to Kristallnacht and bashing in windows by thrill seekers who pledge to vengeance they don't deserve, because they've decided they done saw something in a movie and it looked all thrilling, or they weren't willing to work their way up or accept their lives as something menial, and they go attack the only world they have instead of dealing with their own personal problems. Maybe such people will, with luck, die out on their own, instead of taking the whole world with them. Or, maybe, once again, they will seem to take the world, my world, someone else's world, with them. I am not sure.

I am thinking dumping the fire retardant chemicals on the protesters BEFORE they start to burn down the buildings through the cars, etc. again, MIGHT be a very good idea. Due to the "racism" card being perpetually played, and lack of interest in being amateur firefighters, and lack of money in the government or even private enterprise to do anything real about things, it's hard to believe that anyone will have the gumption to go ahead and make a risky decision and take a risky move in hand and actually do something real rather than just stand around gawking at the fires and the protestors. But perhaps this is preliminary, as everybody is now expecting something like the Rapture, World War III, an alien invasion, or something along those lines to cause a world disaster.

I don't know. Dumping chemicals. The sky is dropping acid rain on me every day. The ground water is full of nuclear radiation. Sooner or later, some of those fires are going to have to take off in some major way, maybe to burn up all the lovely firebugs who think they are good people by reprising the Sixties and setting fires and somehow being "not racist," which is somehow as an assumed absence of evil going to fix all ills on the face of the planet, including disabled Black people. Or whatever. Or if you don't care about bitches and you love God, or that sort of thing. Hmmm. Well, people may not be worth saving under those conditions, as it could lead to some pretty twisted homosexual thinking sooner or later, with firefighters standing around waiting for their Mommies to save them, and the authorities unable to do anything much as Russia finally caps things and invades the USA. That will make things pretty "interesting" but not funny. Not funny at all, nope.

Yes, with enough stupidity happening, out in the boondocks, Russia could continue its attempt to pounce. What with, I don't know. Their economy is as wretched as ours, in many ways. I have heard they have something going since alleged post-communism, but I wouldn't know. They seem poised to strike, not with nuclear capability, but with conventional, long slow mental patient warfare. In other words, they are primarily out to freak people out by slowly creeping up on the USA. But...since that isn't their actual intention, sooner or later something more spectacular seems not unlikely to develop. Now that Baltimore, which I'm stuck thanking a nonexistent God is on the other side of the USA, is burning up, and it's due to Here comes Johnny, namely comes Global Warming. Well, what can you do. Yes, I'm advocating dumping chemicals on one group, one lousy group of so-called Wolves in Sheep's Clothing (maybe you've heard that phrase, young people?) Who's afraid of the Big Bad Wold, and I'm beginning to wonder if it was indeed Dr. King and/or Malcolm X, because man oh many or boy or boy, if there's more than one, there surely is more than one peanut.

Cough. Sexism? Whoda thunk of that? The Man really that Sarah Palin gave a mention to was actually John Henry, the mythical dude in a poem who may or may not have been real. He was put against the machine and lost to it. That's why he was The Man. It eventually became the White Man, well, we all lose to the machine called The System. But I think the idea here on the side of the Sixties oriented Insane Peaceful Protesters is to value ugly old Negroes above "beautiful" white women, in order to get idiots like me to respond. Isn't that silly of me? Or is it an attempt to pull down the country, when maybe it could be (in the middle of a LOT of auto exhaust and other pollution, that is ongoing and not really being addressed or taken care of) be salvaged? Saved? Stopped from dwelling on the past? What is it that this country and the world needs now, Love Sweet Love? Or am I dead and in Hell, or do you suppose that's what someone else wants people like me to believe? Mommy, who must be responsible for us all being born, Daddy, who must be the one who will make us live forever or die very quickly without having to suffer through mercilessness, pain or hardship, or just boredom, or Daddy, who will hit us and then we will learn our lessons...

Hmm. This is getting to be a rather long blog post.

Well, I am not coming up with a nice, easy, all white spotlessly clean and pure solution to this problem. I am wondering if some decisive move of some kind will close down the Fake Ferguson Factory, which seems to be an attempt to prove you have to destroy one mentally ill person in order to save the world in a sea of perpetual forest fires that are happening anyway (and I'm having trouble believing I'm causing the forest fires through witchcraft like that myself)...I'm a little tired of the media portrayal of the mentally ill as being a giant genocidal forest fire. The ideal is that one Black dead guy, if he even died, and for all I know he's alive Paul McCartney style and has been hid away somewhere and is doing just great, isn't dead at would anybody know?

David Carradine, who was supposed to be dead, turned out to be alive and in a recent movie, for example. The boy who was in a park and supposedly shot turned out to be wearing a bullet proof vest. So this is one long plot by Russia, Isis, Al Quaida, etc. or whoever the heck it is who's behind all might as well be Time Warner Communications and Comcast. So they can parade all this at whoever is watching the media, and buying Advil tablets to combat the headaches you get while watching Television. Well, sad to say, as one of the people who is stuck in that boat right now, I think I'm going to go for a walk and hope for the best, some way or another.

Oh, to wrap this up...I'm not so rich I have any such capacity to dump chemicals on anybody. I take some chemicals into my system, and I don't recommend them. I drink coffee, take pills and would much rather just eat food and drink healthy drinks. I don't have the capacity to hurt people on purpose, it only crosses my mind every time I watch idiots run around being Muslim martyrs on the morning, afternoon and evening News. Or Nazis. Or Jews. Or whatever.


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